I came to internet marketing via a circuitous route which went roughly like this: stocks & shares > internet marketing > forex > internet marketing >horse racing > internet marketing.

You can actually make money at all these (trading is incredibly difficult and definitely not recommended for beginners) but they all have one thing in common – you need to work at it.

Not only that but you need to do the right kind of work. And therein lies the biggest hurdle most of us face when we try to make money on the internet.

I ‘lost’ more money trading than I’m prepared to reveal but this was spent on training, not actually trading. Needless to say promises that you can easily Make a Living Trading Forex were slightly exaggerated.

After a few false starts (no pun intended) I did make money on horse racing but after a few years my earnings for time spent was around £1/hour.

It was fun – winning always is – but hardly a ‘nice little earner’. I now know how to do better at horse racing but in the meantime I had embraced internet marketing. Again.

This is something I kept coming back to. You know you can make money at it but finding the best way to do so is the most difficult part.

As you’re reading this, you’ve probably bought a few Make Money Online products and found them all lacking one way or another.

Yep, me, too.

But after spending <cough splutter> on trading, I was more wary and probably didn’t buy as many as most.

I spent literally weeks researching, analysing, emailing (guess how many marketers actually reply to your emails?) and finally found a couple of honest, genuine, helpful, supportive and trust-worthy training sites whose members prove that you can make money online. And good money, too.

The catch?

It takes work. A lot of it. You won’t make money overnight and probably not in weeks but you can build a business that will grow and generate an excellent monthly income.

So I am now building an internet marketing business which will grow, become successful and make money.

There are no ‘secret’ formulas or ‘loopholes’. The process is not difficult but, like all worthwhile achievements, it does require work – yes, there’s that word again – and the right kind of work which means the right training.

It only took me 12 years to discover that

If you learn from my trials and errors and connect with me here at Nomad Principle, you should make it in a fraction of the time.