How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

What the 'gurus' won't tell you

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    Ian Waugh

    Creator of Nomad Principle

    About me

    "I've spent money on rubbish systems, I've been scammed and ripped off by so-called 'gurus'... You get to the point where you swear off internet marketing systems – until the next one which you think might just possibly work...

    Sound familiar?

    It's something every marketer I've spoken to has gone through.

    Not only that but you need to understand the process of building an online business, realise it's not going to happen overnight, and be prepared to work at it.

    Some people get hat fairly quickly – it took me 12 years.

    Most internet marketing products don't tell you that and I was rather slow on the uptake :-) 

    Then in 2018 I discovered the truth of the matter – some people learn faster than others :-) - and I'm building a business following a proven strategy. There are no 'instant' results, no 'loopholes', no 'secret formulas', just the realisation that building a business takes time and the willingness to put in the work.

    I want to help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid these pitfalls and get a solid, ethical online business up and running as quickly as possible."


    Nomad Principle

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